Sex Ideas to Spice Things Up: Tips for Getting Started

New relationships are always fun especially the sex part. Couples explore each other in bed and experience new things. Most of the time, the sex is great and it tests your compatibility. When couples have been together for long, their sex life may take a hit. Many couples complain of their sex life becoming boring and stale. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to add spice to your sex life and here are some tips to help you transform your sex life for the better –

Get Out of Bed – One of the best ways to keep your sex life alive is by change of scenery. You can book a resort or a small getaway with your partner. Try to use other things such as armless chair, couch or even the desk, soothing that you have never done before.

Send Sexy Texts and Calls – Your partner doesn’t always have to be around to seduce the. You can always take sexy photos of yours and send it in the middle of the day so that both of you have something to look forward to when they return home. It will also make both of you want each other even more.

Watch Porn Together – You can watch porn with your partner and try to get into the mood. You will not only enjoy watching another couple make love to each other, but also have a better time making love to each other. You will always find quality porn on the internet. All you have to do is check the reviews before you select one.

Hire a Professional Escort – It is important to speak to your partner about your sexual desires and fetishes and you will be surprised how much it matches with your partner. Both of you can hire a professional and sexy escort to make their life much better and entertaining. You can break monotony and spice up your sex life.

Fool Around a Bit – Instead of waiting of alone time with your partner, try to fool around as much as you can. Show affectionate to each other with kiss all the time. Kiss them when they are on the phone with someone or when they are in the kitchen cooking.

Get a Sexy Massage – Massages can not only be relaxing and sexy even. Both of you can take turn to give each other massage using massage oil. Rubbing each other with oil and then against your body will surely make for a sexy time that both of you will remember.

Try New Positions – You might be using the same sex positions and it has become a habit. Even though the same position might have some perks, it can also get boring. You can also try new things to see if you and your partner enjoy it. If you do not try new position, you will never know.

Try Role Play – While many couples shy away from role plays, it is a fun way to making your partner and yourself feel sexier. You and your partner can play out your wildest fantasies such as teacher-student, nurse-doctor or others. You need to make sure that both of you are comfortable trying it out.

Try Bondage – If you want to try something new, you should try bondage. You can bring out the dominatrix in you and you will be surprised how much fun you and your partner have. If you are worried, you can always hire an escort and try bondage so that you can do it safely.

Reading the above might have got you all worked up, but you need to be careful and check and if your partner feels the same. Let your partner know, and if they are not ready for it, you can always hire an escort who will ensure that you have a good tie. You can enjoy hot sex with the escort and that too in the privacy of a hotel room. They will be ready to give you a good time and all you need to do is ask. There is no embarrassment or awkward silences since professional escorts know how to turn you on and show you a great time.